Viasat legal statements

Modern Slavery Act of 2015 Disclosure Statement—Fiscal Year 2021

Viasat集团公司(“Viasat”)致力于以道德和诚信的方式开展业务.  We respect international principles of human rights, including those in the UK Modern Slavery Act of 2015, and embody these principles and commitments in our corporate policies.  Viasat在其供应链和自身业务中防止奴隶制和人口贩运的努力包括:


Supply Chain

Viasat的所有供应商都应按照最高的道德标准经营自己的业务.  To that end, 我们的商业行为指南要求Viasat的供应商关系建立在合法的基础上, efficient and fair practices.  我们希望我们的供应商遵守法律,公平对待工人,提供安全和健康的工作环境.  Viasat will not knowingly use any supplier that uses forced, prison, or indentured labor.  Viasat将只与遵守供应商开展业务所在国家有关奴隶制和人口贩运的所有法律的供应商合作.


Supplier Certifications and Training


Viasat requires all of its suppliers to certify that they are compliant with these concepts.  Further, Viasat在其供应合同中包括禁止其供应商使用强迫, prison, or indentured labor, or subjecting workers to any form of compulsion or coercion.  供应商被告知,他们应遵守在其开展业务的国家中有关奴隶制和人口贩运的所有法律.  Viasat’s suppliers are requested to pass these requirements on to their own suppliers as well, Viasat希望所有供应商都能监督自己的供应链,以防止任何形式的现代奴役.  Moreover, Viasat’s supply chain personnel receive training to recognize health, safety, and labor red flags, including red flags relating to forced labor, and to report and investigate suspicions of improper conduct. 


Our Own Business and Policies

Viasat does not use slave labor in its own business, nor does Viasat condone forced or compulsory labor, or human trafficking.  Such conduct violates Company policy, 而Viasat则努力监控其业务,以防止此类行为在公司内部发生.  Viasat鼓励任何提供有关公司发生的现代奴隶制或人口贩运信息的人, or anywhere in its supply chain, 致电(+44)0808-234-7051或(+1)888-475-8376向公司道德与合规热线举报.

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Disclosure

Viasat Inc. 是否致力于确保其供应链代表其价值观和尊重人权.  To that end, our Guide to Business Conduct provides:


Viasat’s supplier relationships are based on lawful, efficient and fair practices. 我们希望我们的供应商遵守法律,公平对待工人,提供安全和健康的工作环境.  Viasat will not knowingly use any supplier that uses forced, prison, or indentured labor.  Viasat将只与遵守供应商开展业务所在国家有关奴隶制和人口贩运的所有法律的供应商合作.   


Viasat通过要求其供应商证明他们符合这些概念来实施此政策.  Further, Viasat contractually obligates its suppliers to “not utilize forced, prison, or indentured labor, 或使工人受到任何形式的强迫或胁迫”,并“遵守卖方开展业务所在国家有关奴隶制和人口贩运的所有法律。.”  Viasat’s suppliers are obligated to flow these requirements to their suppliers as well. Viasat采购部门的主要人员接受了如何识别人口贩运和强迫劳动问题的培训.  Although Viasat does not have a formal audit program, these personnel are trained to recognize health, safety, and labor red flags, including red flags relating to forced labor, and to report and investigate all suspicions of improper conduct.    Suppliers that fail to meet the contractual requirements set forth above are terminated.   违反Viasat商业行为指南的员工将受到纪律处分,直至并包括终止雇佣关系.

Statement on Conflict Minerals

维萨特谴责刚果民主共和国境内持续的冲突及其造成的人道主义损害, which is fueled in part by financing from trade in the ores from which tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold are derived. These elements have come to be known as “conflict minerals”; when they originate in mines operated or taxed by the warring factions, they can be referred to as “conflict minerals from conflict mines.”


Conflict minerals are common constituents of products ranging from jewelry, toys, and lightbulbs to airplanes, vehicle airbag systems, and electronic and computer parts. 因为这些产品中的矿物质通常会进入像Viasat这样的公司的供应链, it is difficult to determine whether they support armed conflict. At the same time, 数百万刚果工人依靠手工采矿或在合法矿山工作来维持生计. 避免从刚果民主共和国地区购买所有冲突矿产将给他们及其家属造成严重困难.


To promote the advancement of fundamental human rights, Viasat致力于从我们的产品中消除支持刚果民主共和国或周边国家武装团体的冲突矿物, while minimizing unintended consequences for legitimate subsistence miners and their dependents. Viasat will:


  • Continue to work toward the elimination, over time, of all conflict minerals from conflict mines in our products, and endeavor to improve, year-over-year, our ability to track conflict minerals in our supply chain, report on their origin, and eliminate those that originate in conflict mines.
  • 遵守2010年多德-弗兰克华尔街改革和消费者保护法案第1502节的要求, which requires companies to inquire into the origin of tantalum, tin, 供应链中的钨和黄金,并报告他们为确定其采购是否支持刚果民主共和国的武装团体而进行的合理调查或尽职调查.


Viasat expects its suppliers to reasonably assure that the tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold in the products they manufacture are conflict free. 如果Viasat意识到供应商的供应链中包含来自冲突矿山的冲突矿物, Viasat will take the appropriate actions to remedy the situation in a timely manner, including reassessment of supplier relationships. Viasat希望我们的供应商与他们的供应商采取类似的措施,以确保整个供应链的一致性.

Conflict Minerals FAQ

What are “conflict minerals”?


What is Viasat’s policy on conflict minerals?

  • Viasat致力于道德的商业行为和负责任的矿产采购,通过我们的全球供应链. 为了支持这一点,我们承诺从与我们有共同价值观并遵守法律的供应商处采购组件和材料. Viasat is committed to comply with federal requirements, and we need your help to support our compliance. Viasat’s conflict minerals policy is published on our website. Please see


What information is needed by Viasat?

  • If you have 3TG in products that you provide to Viasat, Viasat将需要您完成关于产品中冲突矿物的行业标准调查. 我们需要您的帮助来完成我们发给您的调查,并回答与您提供给Viasat的产品中所含3TG来源有关的问题. 调查将以冲突矿物报告模板(CMRT)的指定格式完成。. 有关负责任矿产倡议(RMI)或模板的信息可在以下网址找到


What resources are available to Viasat’s suppliers in reference to conflict minerals? 

There are a variety of resources available to Viasat suppliers. They are:

Transparency in Coverage

这些链接指向机器可读文件,这些文件是根据联邦《最好的电竞竞猜app大全》提供的,包括健康计划和医疗保健提供者之间协商的服务费率和网络外允许金额. The machine-readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data. Viasat Employer Identification Number(EIN): 33-0174996